NSB006-Warren Augenthaler-President Grover Cleveland, Double Suicide, and Aunt Julia Neir- Part 3 0f 3

PART 3 OF 3 Born in 1937 Warren Augenthaler’s great aunt was the one and only Julia Neir. One of the only woman known to be allowed to operate a bar […]

Welcome To Neirs Story Booth

Frustrated with disappearing historic community businesses, Loycent Gordon jumped into to save Historic Neirs Tavern when it was days from closing.

Now he’s interviewing past and present guests supporting Historic Neirs Tavern preservation efforts.

You’ll uncover fascinating stories of guests connected to NYC’s Oldest Bar known as The Most Famous Bar You’ve Never Heard Of” PBS TV.

These guests of Neirs customer community he affectionately names The Community Crusaders helping nyc’s oldest bar see beyond it’s 190th birthday!

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