190-Year-Old Bar’s Evidence Of Paranormal Activities To fund Breast Cancer Cure

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190-Year-Old Bar’s Evidence Of Paranormal Activities To Fund Breast Cancer Cure

[Woodhaven, NY] October 30, 2019Neirs Tavern announced today it will release hidden security video of paranormal activities at the 87-48 78th St. Woodhaven location on October 31 due to overwhelming reports of ghosts and unexplained strange occurrences and to help raise funds for a breast cancer cure.

Paranormal Activities To fund Breast Cancer Cure

“I’m not a big believer in paranormal activities but after an overpowering amount of people’s sworn personal stories and the video evidence I’ve collected over 10 years I didn’t want my Neirs supporters to feel they were crazy, so I decided to release them now & help raise funds to cure breast cancer”-said owner Loycent Gordon

Guests are encouraged to donate any small amount ($1, $5, $10) to view the videos that will only be available at the historic tavern from October 31 until November 3 & locked away after that.

Retired Police Officer Christine Goodard wrote on facebook “I was a police officer and would often go to Neirs after my 4×12 shift and hang around while my friend closed up, we would be the only ones there. We experienced lots of strange stuff such as cabinets opening on their own, sounds and voices, breezes blowing through. We would laugh and just say oh the spirits are out tonight.”

Guests are encouraged to come in and hopefully meet other enthusiasts, of not just paranormal activities, but also others who have family or friends affected by breast cancer. Gordon has vowed to donate all money raised towards a cure for Breast Cancer.

“Being busy with life for some reason the toll of Breast Cancer on those affected was hard to truly understand until I witnessed my wife’s aunt go through a mastectomy. It’s a terrible thing.”– says Gordon

The famous “Ghost Doctors”, who have appeared on Network and cable television nationally, performed an audit at a February 2019 event at the famed bar. They scoured the location for ghostly orbs, apparitions, voices from beyond using EMF and concluded extremely elevated activity on the premises.

“Until Mae West’s ghost tap me on the shoulder and says hello, I’m always going to try and provide a logical explanation but I must admit it’s getting more difficult to logically explain the overwhelming personal accounts and now hard physical evidence” continued Gordon.

Gordon concludes, “I’ll leave it to everyone to decide for themselves.”

Name of Press Contact: Loycent Gordon Phone: 347-620-1314 Email: loy@neirstavern.com



Historic Neirs Tavern located at 87-78 78th St. Woodhaven, Queens was established in 1829 and is one of the oldest & most historic bars in the U.S. It was the location of mob classic film “Goodfellas”, Ben Stiller & Eddie Murphy’s film “Tower Heist” and with notable appearances by Mae West, Anthony Bourdain, Robert DeNiro among others. For more information please visit Neirs Tavern’s  website and follow on them on Instagram and Facebook.

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