NSB001-Why Publish a Podcast for Neirs 190th Birthday ?

SHOW NOTES: In This Episode we go over the purpose of Neirs Tavern Story Booth Show and what’s to come.

  • Community Crusader Project called Neirs Storybooth
  • For supporters of community business of past and present
  • Why are we doing this
  • Brief History of Neirs Tavern
  • How I came to be here
  • Thing that change my view
  • Things to look forward to
  • 190th Year Plans.
  • Sharing. Join us. Private group
Host: Loycent

One Reply to “NSB001-Why Publish a Podcast for Neirs 190th Birthday ?”

  1. Loy

    Thank you for listening to the first of 12 episodes in season 1 of Neirs Storybooth. You can comment if you like. We’ll release an episode every Thursday. and you can also listen on Apple Podcast on your phone. Just search for Neirs story booth

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